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CWA wins prestigious award for water quality

The Chester Water Authority recently was awarded the 10-year Presidents Award for excellence.

The Chester Water Authority recently was awarded the 10-year Presidents Award for excellence.

The Chester Water Authority (CWA) recently received the 10-year prestigious Presidents Award for its water treatment program from the Partnership for Safe Water. CWA is one of only two water providers in all of Pennsylvania that has achieved Phase IV of the Partnership for Safe Water.

The other provider is the Carlisle Borough Municipal Authority.

The award honors utilities for achieving operational excellence by voluntarily optimizing their treatment facility operations and adopting more stringent performance goals than those required by federal and state drinking water standards.

Administered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEFP), the American Water Works Association, the Water Research Foundation, and other drinking water organizations, this Phase IV represents the highest level of achievement that can be received and signifies a “fully optimized system.”

CWA has been Phase IV since 2013, and has had to maintain standards and submit data every year to keep this status. It is one of many achievements of the former CWA Board of Directors members who presided over the Authority from 2012 to 2022 and included: Cynthia F. Leitzell, chairperson; Joseph F. McGinn, secretary; Wendell N. Butler, Jr. treasurer; the late Paul Andriole, vice chairperson; and members Dr. Patricia Lewis-West, Leonard J. Rivera, John Shelton, Sr., Livia Smith, and Noel Brandon.

“I have been proud to lead such a wonderful team,” said Leitzell, the former CWA chairperson. “The CWA employees, staff, my fellow board members, and the ratepayers all deserve this incredible honor. CWA provides safe, quality, affordable water to over 200,000 people and businesses. As a board, it’s our duty to safeguard CWA for the public now and in the future,” she said

CWA has been a member of the Partnership for Safe Water since 1996. To reach Phase IV, it was necessary for CWA to complete the first three phases of the Partnership for Safe Water programs.

During this time, CWA received the Directors Award, the Phase III 15-Year Directors Award, the President’s Award and the Excellence in Water Treatment Award.

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